The devil is in the details. In construction - in materials, construction and finishing elements. For many buyers, the price is still leading when buying a home. But more and more people are paying and wanting to know exactly what they are buying. They are interested not only in the promotional offers, but also in all the technical characteristics of the building in which they will live, in what the common areas, lobbies, elevators, stairs will look like. And this depends exclusively on the quality of the materials used. Because, if low-quality and cheap materials and elements are used, in less than 5 years your building will have a dilapidated and depreciated appearance.

However, a new generation of customers is coming to the market and investors are already reporting serious changes in the way they search for housing. We are talking to REGATTA PARK WEST project manager Ramez Saade about what customers expect and what construction companies offer. The boutique complex is located meters from the Rowing Canal with an impressive view of the largest water facility in Plovdiv, combines an energy efficient building with luxurious common areas, courtyard with playground, underground parking. REGATTA PARK WEST the first investment of one of the largest construction holdings in Lebanon - Platinum Invest Holding under the hills. The company has behind it dozens of completed projects of residential buildings of the highest class. The project is implemented jointly with the renowned architectural firms Air Te Consult and Bureau International. The complex includes 3 buildings and consists of a ground floor, 4 residential floors and an underground car park. There are 78 apartments in the residential sections, and the living areas are up to 210 sq. M.

  - We noticed that Regatta Park West has been active in Marketing during the past months, noting that in this critical period due to corona we do not see frequently Real Estate Advertisements.  What is the main reason of doing so?

 - We were always promoting our Project; however, you are right lately we increased our marketing presence.

Under the current circumstances, Real Estate for many people is the safest investment.  Personally, it is always the best moment to acquire an asset, and as Robert Allen said “Don’t wait to buy Real Estate. Buy Real Estate and wait”.

 -  What differentiate Regatta Park West from other projects?

-Well, I am in no position to compare our project with others, currently there are many decent projects and offerings in the market.

Before we started our project, we sensed through our study that clients are interested in upgradable flats. So, we took our decision to upgrade the material specs in Regatta as much as possible.

From the leads we got and the positive feedback of our clients, I can definitely confirm that our bet was correct.

People are eager to buy upgradable flats, and they even tend to higher their budget if they trust that developers will commit to their promises.

Can you tell us more about the upgrades that you did in Regatta?

 - One of the Key factors in evaluating any project is the Façade. Therefore, we carefully designed it to make it more appealing and classy.

The classical design model, along with the cladding used of Ceramics slabs by LAMINAM ITALY covering more than 50% of the front and back of the façade gave an upgrade in luxury to the project.

The facade glazing was designed to provide optimal natural light in any living space, and because the window in general is a very essential part of any apartment, we wanted to give it our best.

Therefore, we chose to install the aluminum profile Shueco with triple glazing.

Regatta Park west will be one of the first complexes in Plovdiv to install its windows and Aluminum products from the German Leading supplier of high-quality windows Shueco.

- It is obvious that you put a special effort on the Façade, but what about other Important items for clients?

 - As a Project Manager in our Group, most of the time I go through arguments with the owners  in order to increase the budget and deliver higher than our client’s expectations .Honestly, this time we were all aligned in this sense even if this might affect the profitability of our project .

So, upgrades were not only done in the Façade section, but also, like a lot of reputable developers in the area we chose Weinerberger Bricks for the internal and external Walls.

As for the Plaster, Paints and Thermal insulation system we chose the highest categories available in BAUMIT Brand, Conduits will be COURBI the Greek brand, and concerning the cables we chose Elkable the local Bulgarian Brand.

Inside the apartments, the Electrical switchboards and switches will be Schneider/France and Scharck/Austria, also Electrical Sockets will be installed in all rooms with Legrand/ French Brand.

Since Regatta is a perfect place for families, we wanted to make sure the standards of its safety well implemented, therefore, the project is a gated community with one main entrance and surrounded by fences all around.

Regatta Park West, will be managed by one of the best Assets management companies in town.

In addition of having a security company we will install IP-CCTV system of HIKIVISION and Bticimo-Legrand for the Access Control system.

Attached 1-the technical catalog of the Videophone system and CCTV.

 - Can you tell us more about the common areas?

 -  First, I want to thank our partner and Architect Mr. Rado Todorov who interfered personally in Regatta by going through all its details.

RT designers worked on every tiny detail throughout their design and emphasized a lot on the lobbies wish was my main concern, and I am very satisfied with the outcome.

The entrance spaces and lobbies throughout the complex are spacious. Italian Granit tiles will be installed on the floors and walls in the lobby and on the steps in accordance with the architectural drawings below, Suspended ceiling with PHILIPS led lighting in the lobby and corridors.

Above all that, all entrances are designed to be accessible to people having disabilities.

Elevators are not only important in their design, but also in their technical specs. If we don’t choose carefully this item tenants will suffer for years and years with its maintenance.

So, we decided to install ORONA 3G series- the Spanish leader Brand, and the elevator comes with 5 years warranty.

It has Gearless machine so it gives outstanding comfort during travel, low energy consumption and significantly increases its life operation.

Are there any amenities in the project?

 - In most of our projects in Lebanon, we always managed to include amenities such as GYM, Pool, playground or sport courts.

However, I don’t think we should do the same in Regatta as the complex is few meters away from the most natural attractive place in the town (the rowing canal). This attraction is so beautiful, it is a great place to enjoy walking or playing outdoor activities like football and tennis, and most of all appreciate a nice cup of coffee or meal in the neighboring shops and restaurants!

Instead of having amenities we decided to focus on the 450 sqm common garden, therefore we hired a specialized landscaping company upon this matter.

We will have a beautiful space inside the complex, planted by grass and ornamental plants. Also, Semmelrock cubs will be installed in the alleys, external steps and sidewalks. Park benches will be installed, and all outdoor lighting fixtures along with the façade lightning will be LED.

 - The city is suffocating under the number of increasing cars. How is the issue of parking in the complex resolved?


- Even with the significant new projects that are being developed in the region, there will be a lot of free spaces surrounding the area and new roads will be executed from the municipality soon.

But with our underground level and the outdoor parking lot, Regatta will surely have enough parking spaces.

Our concern was not only having enough parking spaces, but we also wanted to offer a safe underground level.

So, the underground will be equipped with Fire and Gas detection alarm system. Attached 2-3

The underground will also benefit from an evacuation and emergency lightning system along with three ventilation systems powered by SystemAir. Attached-4

Main underground entrance doors and garages doors will be HöRMANN.

 - Nowadays People have no time to finish their apartment, what kind of assistance can you provide in this point?

 - Everyone is busy these days, and handling many subcontractors to terminate the works in the apartment is a real headache. That is why and after few requests from our clients; we decided to hire an Interior Design Company that can offer a turnkey service to our clients to complement their efforts and help them throughout the way till the final delivery.

Since this part is not a profit center for us, we emphasized on choosing one of the best agencies, known for providing competitive prices and great finishing quality.

We may put here some of the Internal apartment design that I send you lately (please don’t use the old one that parashkeva had from last year.


- Is there a specific price for the finishing?

 - The design and executive agency will offer many options to the clients, but in general the cost per sqm will vary between 200euro/sqm to 400 euro/sqm.

- Thank you!

- I would also like to thank TrafficNews for their interest in our project and for covering the latest news and updates.

I hope we have been helpful to those who wish to learn more about Regatta Park West. Additional information can be obtained from our sales team at 0888 888 856.

We do this because we believe that it is extremely important that everyone who makes an investment is aware of all the technical specifications. In fact, whether they are buying from us or from other investors, customers should familiarize themselves in detail with these specifications, because cheap ones can become expensive over time.